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(100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting preK-12 students)

  • $10 I would prefer not to bake, so here is the money I would have spent to make cupcakes.

  • $25 I would prefer not to hit up friends, family and coworkers so here is the money I would have spent on wrapping paper.

  • $50 I would prefer not to walk, swim or run in any activity that has the word “thon” in it. Here is the money I would have spent on my childs “FREE” t-shirt.

  • $100 I would prefer not to win raffle baskets or ask others to try to win them, so here is $100 to forget my name.

  • $___ I would prefer to make this donation to express my appreciation to the Millbury Parents Club for all they do on behalf of our schools and I’m equally grateful for having nothing to buy, sell, or do except fill out this form.

  • We also can accept donations via Venmo at Millbury-ParentsClub

Please make any checks payable to Millbury Parents Club and send payments to the school office in a sealed envelope addressed to Millbury Parents Club via your student or donate via PayPal with the Donate Now link.


Donate Now

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kickoff is Tuesday, October 16, 2021
Event Days
Thursday October 7, 2021

Chain Of Lights
Raffles at Felters Mill
Sunday December 5, 2021
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